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Download this PDF


Open the PDF and download your version


Execute the installer


Follow all the indicated steps to the end


  • Run the host program, be it Pro Tools, Logic Pro, or any other
  • At some point during the installation, you will see this screen where you will be asked for an Authorization Code.

  • If you are running the program for the first time, you do not yet have this Code and you must click Continue to go to the next screen.
  • If you are re-authorising the software you already have the Authorization Code, in which case you just have to paste it into the corresponding field and press Continue. The machine will already be re-authorized. Please note that the re-authorization can only be made on the same machine, even if the hard disk has been replaced or reformatted. However, the licenses can not be transferred from machine to machine as the auth is tied to the machine serial number. In other words, you can re-authorise the same machine as many times as you wish, even after reformatting, but if you change the machine you need another auth.
  • In case you are running the program for the first time click Continue and you will see the following screen.
  • 6

  • Enter your details. Only name and email are required
  • Press next and another screen will appear where you will be able to enter your Purchase Serial number
  • 7

  • In this screen you will be able to enter your Purchase Serial number
  • Then Press Continue
  • 8

  • Check the email address you provided and you should have an email with an Authorization Code. If you do not receive it check your SPAM folder
  • 9

  • Enter the Authorization Code you have received. This number authorizes this particular machine
  • Once you have pasted your Authorization Code and clicked Continue, your machine is authorized
  • If you have not received the Authorization Code by email in a few minutes you can request it by email by clicking on the button "Request authorization by Email" in which case the next screen will appear.
  • 10

  • Once you have received the Authorization Code, you can follow the above procedure again
  • Please note that DaD Vinyl licenses are single-user and non-transferable, i.e. they cannot be used on more than one computer, and cannot be transferred from one computer to another. If you have any further questions, please contact us through our contact page