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if Hip-hop had been born in 1880


being able to listen to your favorite songs, speeches, or even sound effects
as they seamlessly transition from one era to another,

capturing the essence of different time periods,  and making one feel as if immersed in a time capsule,   a direct witness of the evolution of sound





being able to listen to your recordings

as your grandparents

would have listened to them.


the continuous flow of time, purely through sound.

From the noisy yet ingenious autophonograph to today's digital streaming, all the way through to the most sophisticated vinyl turntables.


on an unmatched sonic odyssey, 

seamlessly weaving the sounds of past and present!


We have created the first ever product
that can transport you back in time
without leaving your seat,

Time Travel


To fully appreciate Time Travel, a stereo system with a wide frequency response range is necessary.
Good headphones can also be used, but they are not a prerequisite.



Backwards Time Travel



Journey back and forth through the multiverse

What Time Travel really is

At DUY, we understand that Time Travel is not just a product; it’s a gateway to memories, emotions, and shared experiences. We’ve poured our passion for innovation into every aspect of its design, ensuring a user-friendly interface that effortlessly transports you through time with just a few clicks. Rediscover the past, appreciate the present, and let your imagination run wild with Time Travel.

How does Time Travel work?

We have implemented a proprietary algorithm that is absolutely transparent to the user. To achieve it we have analyzed thousands of new and old recordings from all eras. 

Once analyzed  we have carefully modeled the sonic characteristics of each time period with all its unique nuances.

From the user’s point of view Time Travel dynamically and gracefully reshapes the sound, allowing it to seamlessly pass from one time period to the next with a time-traveling range spanning from the mid 19th century to the current day.

Multiverse Travel

Apart from the standard temporal journey, Time Travel also allows a travel through the multiverse.

This is possible by means of the independent modelling and separate control of Physical, Dynamics and Frequency properties.


In other words: you can obtain a musical production whose frequency is that of a 1960’s vinyl,
with the hiss noise of a cassette and the compression of a 2000’s production.

You can even determine the amount of presence of each of them,  which is a way to modify its prevalence and determine its temporal position.

From now on, the journey through the multiverse is no longer shrouded in mystery.





For example, make amazing fade-ins and fade-outs on mixes. Or process voices in new surprising ways.
Time Travel is focused on modifying any audio material: music, voiceovers, special effects, transitions, etc
It has a wide range of uses like mastering, audio sweetening, etc. There are no limits.


Create new and unique soundscapes, get to know new sound perspectives, and experience the sound in ways that were never before possible.

And Have Fun!


Time Travel is the first product resulting from the integration of DSPATIAL and DUY technologies.

At DSPATIAL, over the years we have managed to thoroughly control space. 

Now, with Time Travel 

we have also mastered time.

Choose Your OS


We are pleased to announce that Time Travel is also available for Windows


In addition to Mac, of course.

And Choose Your Platform


Choose the platform you like best.  Whether you’re mixing, mastering, or creating, Time Travel seamlessly integrates with most major digital audio workstations (DAWs), being fully compatible with any DAW that supports AAX, VST, and Audio Units formats.

Elevate your sound on platforms such as Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, and GarageBand, to name just a few.

Start crafting your sonic masterpiece today with this unique and powerful tool. Your workflow will be uninterrupted, your creativity unbounded, and your potential unlimited.