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January 7, 2022

Day: January 7, 2022


Recent News

25 Years of Innovation

We have spent the last 25 years developing exclusive signal processing algorithms. During this 25-year journey, we have created algorithms such as Magic Spectrum, the

Monterey compatible versions

DUY’s plug-ins are now compatible with OSX Monterey. All DUY plugins are supported: POWER, Dream Dynamics, DaD Valve, DaD Tape, DUY Shape, DUY Wide, MAX

M1 / M2 compatibility

DUY’s AAX plug-ins are available for Pro Tools 2021.10 with Monterrey ARM ( M1, etc) support under Rosetta 2. All DUY plugins are supported: POWER,

LucidVerb released

We proudly present LucidVerb, the first ever DNA model based convolution reverberation. LucidVerb features a proprietary sonic DNA modeler engine able to render any number of

knowledge is essential

Also the proper tools